About Us

Based in Delhi, India and working with a team across the globe - We are the people who are sought by entrepreneurs, dreamers and leaders launching new businesses. Technology is our weapon and we choose the best one for your job. We are passionate about what we do and in the various ups and downs of life (and business), we have come to greatly appreciate the spectrum of issues associated with a startup venture.

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About process

We keep complete transparency with our clients about the status of the project. For our projects, keep a regular feedback process involving the client at all stages to ensure the client is not taken unawares at the last moment nor are we stupefied with undesired outcomes.

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About work hours

Generally, our team works as per Indian working hours. But our project co-ordinators are available at your time of choosing. We work for clients in New Zealand & Australia on one hand to USA & Canada on the other, with a lot in between. And we ensure everyone is corresponding to us at the time they choose.

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Our commitment

We know that in our position, we may not be able to guarantee the success of every venture we are involved with. But what we CAN guarantee is that you will NOT find us lacking in our efforts, whether or not in our agreement terms. If there is anything we can do to help you succeed, we will.

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Our team

Shakti D


15 years in industry, several project launches to credit, including a lot of hits and misses, hands on with most of the projects, face of the company and keeps a tab on all client communications all the time.


R Alison


More than 20 years of experience, initially in software delivery, responsible for recruitment, training and induction, has a finger on pulse of all ongoing projects. She helped create the current flexible team structure we perfected in last 5 years.

K Robinson

VP and CFO

With a solid experience in auditing and accounting with VC firms, keeps track of every penny, has got company finances solid like never before, plans investments for company, advises colleagues and helps in keeping our QA team on their toes.

R Smith

Embedded Systems Engineer

Can even think in assembly code, writes for AVR, PIC and Arduinos, takes his timelines seriously, that is if he commits. Looks after systems design and managing all experimental Robotics.