Streaming Multimedia Solutions

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With 10MBPS and even 100MBPS pipes reaching our homes, possibilities of using engaging multimedia has become very much feasible and the choices are no more limited to just the likes of you-tube.

There are all kinds of options in the market for all kinds of people. If you don't mind getting your hands dirty yourself and jump into the codes, you can look into ever-exploding open source solutions. Or if you just want a copy-pate solution for your needs, you can look to hosted solutions who offer packages that cost between nothing to skinning you alive.

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Security amidst non-stop connectivity

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Virtual infrastructure and virtual economy has made data the most precious of all the assets. And this doesn't just apply to credit cards and bank information. Keeping the content safe and still available to the appropriate audience is critical.

Key to security is to keep yourself updated. Which means your webserver must have all the latest updates. If you are using any packaged software, make sure you update them regularly. For any configurations in your control, always err on the side of the caution. 

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Working with offshore team

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We are living in a fabulously exploding interconnected economy. Working with people from different geographies and culture was once a privilege of few, very few, globetrotting senior most executives. Today, it's very difficult, if not impossible, for businesses to restrict themselves to working exclusively with locals only. 

This immense shift in working environments brings it's own challenges. And those challenges are no more only about weird working hours.

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Choosing the right CMS

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We have come a long way in last approx 2 decades of WWW. At one point, web-sites meant a collection of pages, very often 10-20, and almost always static content. Today, the way web have become central to our businesses and operations, the only up-to-date information the organization has, is always online.

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Same content source on many devices

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Once upon a time, in the history of web site developments, it was common to see disclaimers like "This website is designed for screen sizes XYZ, browser ABC ". Today, there are at least 6 major browsers and a plethora of screen sizes ( more than 10 ). The total number of combinations is mind numbing for even the experienced developers.

But there is a solution. For those who are committed to reaching out to everyone out there.

MORE HERE: Keep the focus right, define the needs properly.

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